Guitar Repair

The Guitar Shop Can repair Guitars,Bass and most stringed instruments. 

Guitar Shop Repair Rates


These Prices are estimates only and do not include the cost of materials and / or parts.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Any instrument that requires finish work is subject to a $15.00 hazardous waste and handling fee.

+ symbol indicates additional costs may applicable.

Set Up Includes:

Restring Oil Neck/Fingerboard
Check Nut Height
Adjust Neck
Check & Tighten Hardware
Bridge Adjustment
Adjust Action
Set Intonation
Set Pickup Heights
Lubricate Tuner Machines (Acoustics Only)

Set Up

Electric Fixed Bridge


Electric Floating Bridge


Floyd Style Bridge


Acoustic 6 String


Acoustic 12 String


4-String Bass


5-String Bass


6-String Bass


7-String Bass


Electronics Labor

Single Pickup


Two Pickups


Three Pickups


EMG Installation


Under Saddle Transductor System


Replace 3/5-way Switch


Replace Volume/Tone Control


Replace Output Jack


Pre-Amp Installation, Pre-wired


Pre-Amp Installation, Unwired


Certain jobs may require modification to pickup cavity. Routing costs are additional$15.00-40.00. Acoustic Pre-Amp installations require some saddle work. Prices reflect this plus restring only. For installation plus full setup see above pricing. Strings are additional.


Includes Hand polish, Hydrate fret board, Tuning and polish frets

Acoustic / Electric / Bass


2-String / Electric Floating/Classical


Adjust Truss Rod


Set String Height/Electric


Tuning Machine Install

Retro Fit


Resize Existing Holes



Fret Level (Includes Full Setup)


w/Maple Board

Add $10.00

Dress Sharp Fret Ends


Refret Unbound Neck -
Rosewood / Ebony


Refret Unbound Neck - Maple


Refret Bound Neck


Unbound Neck Partial Refret

$15.00/ fret

Bound Neck Partial Refret

$20.00/ fret

Nuts & Saddles & Bridge *

$40 Setup is a Separate charge *

Custom Bone Nut 6-String


Custom Bone Nut 12-String


Plastic Nut 6/12-String


Saddle (custom / bone)


Plastic Saddle  6/12 String


Shim Saddle Only (with Setup)


Install Strap Button


Remove and re-glue Bridge


Custom shaped factory bridge
(cost of new bridge)


Custom made bridge
including bone saddle


Custom made bridge
w/compensated bone saddle



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